Humanistic Psychodrama in Aserbaidschan

31. Juli 2017

International Seminar in Baku

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann

– founder of the Humanistic Psychodrama, director of the Psychotherapeutic Institute Bergerhausen (Germany, Duisburg), director of the International Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, honorary professor of the Kostroma State University named by N.A. Nekrasova, Professor of the Department of Social Psychology, a leading specialist in the field of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Hans-Werner was a pioneer in the Humanistic Psychodrama and is the founder of this direction. Prof. Gessmann is a co-author of many empirical researches in the field of Humanistic Psychodrama and has more than 160 publications in various psychological fields. In 1973, Hans-Werner founded the Bergerhausen Psychotherapeutic Institute in Duisburg, which is still used as a center of excellence and Professional development by more than 1,500 psychotherapists.

Psychodrama, already for several decades, is a proven form of psychotherapy, which combines in its work a group of therapeutic bases, forms of role-play and therapeutic theater.

Humanistic psychodrama as a form of therapy is applicable in special therapeutic groups, but as a method it can also be applied within other groups. So, for example, psychodrama methods can be used in inpatient facilities, shelters, therapeutic societies and in special outpatient groups of patients. Humanistic psychodrama is popular while working in children’s therapy, gerontotherapy and therapy for the treatment of addictions.

Participants in the psychodrama group, together with the host of the psychodramatic session, create a therapeutic situation in which the protagonist is given a wide space for action. In a psychodramatic game, the protagonist can re-shape his current situation with the group and change it in a way that he would like it to. If a balance is reached between the feelings of the participants in the session and the feelings of the protagonist, spontaneity arises. With the help of this spontaneity, a person can change his social world.

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